Maintain Joint Health with More Synovial Fluid Production

Joint maintenance and joint care are key to keep training on schedule. Repetitive stress from competition and conditioning, in addition to everyday wear and tear, impacts even the most athletic horses.1 From racehorses to jumpers, every horse is susceptible to joint damage.

The equine joint is engineered to provide virtually frictionless motion through the combination of a smooth articular cartilage surface as well as lubrication of the cartilage and the synovial membrane.

The synovial membrane of the joint produces a lubricating substance or “joint oil” called synovial fluid. The high levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) in this fluid help lubricate the soft tissues within the joint (boundary lubrication) and to a lesser degree, help lubricate the articular cartilage itself.

Consider using LEGEND® (hyaluronate sodium) to maintain joint health and increase lubrication production. LEGEND is pure HA, and helps stimulate the body to create its own natural HA.

LEGEND also comes with the benefit of flexible administration so you can treat the way that works best for your busy schedule. LEGEND delivers the same effective therapy whether given by intravenous (IV) or intra-articular (IA) administration.2 IV administration allows treatment with minimal training disruption versus the stall rest recommended after IA administration. And LEGEND was the first FDA-approved joint therapy available for both types of administration.2

The sooner a horse receives proper joint treatment, the greater the chance of maintaining performance, soundness and longevity.3

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The safety of LEGEND has not been evaluated in breeding stallions or in breeding, pregnant or lactating mares. The following adverse reactions have been reported following use of LEGEND Injectable Solution: Following intravenous use: occasional depression, lethargy, and fever. Following intra-articular (LEGEND Injectable Solution – 2 mL only) use: lameness, joint effusion, joint or injection site swelling, and joint pain.

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